Paper and packaging industry

Lubricants in the paper and packaging industry need to be highly resistant to high temperatures and humidity. OKS offers a wide range of speciality lubricant solutions which reliably protect components and systems and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Paper and packaging industry

Advantages for the paper and packaging industry

  • Reliable protection for machines against extreme temperatures, high humidity and corrosion
  • The special composition of lubricants enhances performance and increases service life
  • Cost reduction thanks to longer maintenance intervals and fewer repairs
  • Environmental and hygiene guidelines

Reliable functioning systems thanks to the use of speciality lubricants

Production lines in the paper and packaging industry need to operate on a continuous basis while producing consistently high quality. Rotating machines such as drum barkers, pulpers and rotary kilns need to withstand high stress loads. They require optimum, high-performance speciality lubricants to bear such loads. Conventional lubricants are not suitable for the robust, high-grade, constantly moving components. OKS special lubrication greases based on PFPE (perfluoropolyether) and other high-temperature-stable oils are able to provide reliable protection against wear and corrosion at temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius and under other extreme conditions, such as high humidity. Their specific composition ensures they deliver high performance and a long service life.

Using our speciality lubricants enables heavily used machines to run reliably and efficiently on a lasting basis. Considerable maintenance and repair costs are cut and relubrication intervals reduced.

OKS lubricants satisfy the sector's special requirements

OKS offers a whole host of speciality lubricants for the paper and packaging industry which meet the special requirements in this sector. Strict environmental and hygiene guidelines, inexpensive disposal of used materials and compatibility with modern materials such as ceramics and plastics have led to fast-paced technological change. These developments also present a challenge to lubricant manufacturers. Thanks to a close link between in-house development work and production, OKS quickly transforms new technologies into market-ready products.

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