Catering equipment and food processing technology

Certified OKS speciality lubricants for food processing technology can be used in all areas in which human beings could come into contact with lubricants. By using OKS lubricants for food processing technology, you ensure compliance with national and international regulations – because of your responsibility to people.

Catering equipment and food processing technology

Advantages for catering and food processing technology

  • High resistance under extremely tough conditions
  • Reliable protection for devices and machines at extreme temperatures and against highly aggressive disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Food-safe application harmless to health
  • Lubricant solutions always meet national and international regulations and guidelines
  • Classifications as per NSF H1, H2, K1/K3 and A1
  • Compliance with EU Directive 93/43/EEC

Speciality lubricants for catering equipment and food processing technology

Lubricants which are used on catering equipment and food processing technology frequently need to be even more effective than those in many other sectors. Water, steam, aggressive disinfectants and cleaning agents, and extreme temperatures for preserving or cooling require high resistance from the greases and oils used, which are also harmless to health. OKS offers a wide range of speciality lubricants which meet these requirements and also protect the machines and devices used under extremely tough conditions while prolonging their service life.

Optimum quality standard for the whole sector

Food and drink producers, packaging manufacturers, manufacturers of household appliances such as ovens and refrigerators, food logistics centre operators and users in food distribution or feed production can all rely on the high quality standard of OKS speciality lubricant solutions. The lubricants not only meet all guidelines and regulations, but also improve all production processes in food-safe applications on a lasting basis.

On the safe side with effective lubricants

The OKS product portfolio includes speciality lubricants such as oils, greases, pastes, dry lubricants and technochemical maintenance products, including silicone release agents or protective film for metals. As you would expect, all recommended lubricants meet NSF H1, H2, K1/K3 and A1 classification requirements. OKS solutions also meet specifications in EU Directive 93/43/EEC. These guidelines require food processing companies to use the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method.

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