OKS 3711 – Low-Temperature Oil for Food Processing Technology, Spray

Fully synthetic oil for food processing technology that can also be used at extremly low temperatures to -60°C.

Areas of application

  • Fully synthetic oil for use at permanently low temperatures in all areas of the food processing industry, for example in cold storage houses, shock freezers, etc.
  • Chain lubrication at arctic temperatures

Advantages and benefits

  • NSF H1-registered
  • MOSH/MOAH free
  • Excellent low-temperature behaviour
  • Good ageing and oxidation stability through optimal additives
  • Cold and hot water resistant
  • Resistant to water steam, as well as disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Long economic operating times

Technical specifications

  • lower operating temperature: -60 °C
  • upper operating temperature: 135 °C
  • density (at 20°C): 0.8 g/cm³
  • viscosity at (40°C): 7.35 mm²/s


Clean the surfaces for optimal effect. Spray on evenly OKS 3711 spray. Avoid excesses. In as far as available, observe the machine manufacturer's instructions. Assess the lubrication frequency and quantity on the basis of the service conditions. Caution: Only mix with suitable lubricants.

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