Systems must function reliably to ensure logistics processes function rapidly and effortlessly. Lubrication of individual components and machines is key in ensuring that this is the case. OKS supplies special products in its range which ensure high performance, even under extremely heavy workloads.


Advantages for the logistics sector

  • High lubricant performance even under extremely high workloads
  • Long maintenance intervals, less wear and fewer downtimes
  • Greater cost efficiency thanks to reliable system and machine operation
  • Certified hydraulic oils and special greases, eminently suitable for the food industry
  • Application-specific range offers improved efficiency and longer service life cycles for equipment and machines

Speciality lubricants for reliable processes in logistics

Time is of the essence in the logistics sector. High turnover rates are crucial for profitability in warehouses. Rapid material flows are also in demand in production logistics. This requires machines and systems which can operate reliably on a permanent basis. Warehouse management must attach great importance to ensuring that cranes, chassis, conveyor belts and industrial trucks function dependably without breaking down while requiring minimal maintenance. High-performance lubricants delivering an optimum effect are needed to optimise logistics chains and make processes safe. They ensure that conveyor technology components function smoothly while eliminating short maintenance intervals and system shut-downs.

Reliably transport load with certified speciality lubricants

It would be hard to imagine warehouses and production operations without industrial trucks. These hard-working little helpers reliably transport even extremely heavy goods. Choosing the right lubricant is a crucial factor in guaranteeing trouble-free operation. OKS special oils and greases ensure that chassis and uprights function smoothly. Certified hydraulic oils and special greases which are extremely environmentally friendly and comply with strict hygiene regulations are used when transporting loads in the food sector.

OKS rolling bearing greases withstand even the toughest conditions

Conveyor belts used to transport materials such as pit coal or bulk goods operate under tough conditions. Outdoor temperatures, impact loads and contaminants may significantly shorten the service life for rolling bearings and other system components. OKS special rolling bearing greases are recommended to provide reliable operation. They ensure that bearings are always suitably greased, ready to withstand high impact from heavy loads.

Comprehensive range for safe operation

OKS supplies a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants to ensure process reliability in many sectors of logistics. OKS has a highly viscous, fully synthetic carrier oil and a thickener which enable cranes to be operated reliably in tough environments. The soft consistency of the grease ensures optimum distribution at the lubrication point. When hot, the high base oil viscosity produces a self-supporting lubricant film. The temperature-stable additives contained also provide effective protection against wear.

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