Municipal operations and public utilities

OKS offers municipal operations a wide selection of speciality lubricants and technochemical maintenance products. OKS products provide protection against wear for machines, equipment, installations and municipal vehicles and ensure reliable operation after prolonged periods without use.

Municipal services

Advantages for municipal operations and public utilities

  • Less work and lower costs for servicing and maintenance for the municipal fleet
  • Extended service life for equipment and municipal vehicles in permanent use
  • Efficient protection of high-quality municipal machines against wear and corrosion
  • Reliable availability of technical supply services and installations subject to high mechanical stress thanks to reduced downtimes

Technochemical products for municipal workshops and road and park maintenance

Municipal operations and utilities such as municipal workshops and road and park maintenance require a large vehicle and machinery fleet to maintain streets, public buildings, green spaces and municipal infrastructure. Sweepers and municipal vehicles for sewer cleaning form just as much a part of these fleets as do mowers, snow ploughs and wheel loaders. Many of these machines are only operated in certain seasons or in specific situations, such as fire and disaster control. When required, they must be ready for use immediately and reliably function even after a long period without use. The right servicing and maintenance is crucial in this respect. OKS assists municipal operations, workshops and road and park maintenance with the right technochemical products to fulfil such tasks reliably and thoroughly at an optimised cost on a daily basis.

Speciality lubricants for municipal installations and machines

Towns, cities and municipalities provide their citizens with heat, water and electricity. They are responsible for local public transport and disposal of refuse and waste water. They seek to use and protect the equipment and municipal machinery they use for the long term. Optimised servicing and maintenance can reduce repairs, downtimes and high operating costs and extend service life. OKS assists municipal operations and independent companies with a wide variety of speciality lubricants. These include pastes for stainless steel screw joints in waterworks, water-resistant greases for valves in sewage works and high-temperature lubricants for lubricating pumps, blowers and rolling bearings in thermal power stations. OKS offers the right lubricant for every application. All products are developed and produced to meet the strict specifications in the multiple technical standards for the use of lubricants in the municipal sector.

Tip: how to find the right product

We have assembled a selection of products which are particularly suitable for use in municipal operations or self-contained utilities. Here, you will find our recommendations for the right speciality lubricants and technochemical maintenance products.

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