Shipbuilding and marine technology

Engines, gears and systems must be able to function reliably even under tough conditions on the high seas. OKS offers a wide range of speciality lubricants which ensure reliable operation and high performance from machines and components in shipbuilding and marine engineering.

Shipbuilding and marine technology

Advantages for shipbuilding and marine engineering

  • Speciality lubricants which meet marine industry requirements
  • Exceptionally high protection against wear and corrosion
  • Longer servicing intervals thanks to high-performance lubricants
  • Environmental impact is reduced in line with EAL requirements
  • Bonded coatings protect and prolong service life for engines, gears and systems
  • High productivity and reliable operation
  • Hohe Produktivität und zuverlässiger Betrieb

Speciality lubricants for shipbuilding and marine engineering

Passenger ships, container ships and offshore facilities are all too often subjected to the force of storms, rain and heavy seas. Yet their engines need to function reliably, gears must operate without breaking down and loading and crane systems need to work safely. Conventional lubricant solutions which should reduce friction in individual components often reach their limits under such tough conditions. Speciality lubricants are required for shipbuilding and marine engineering.

Protection against wear and corrosion without extra environmental impact

Powerful products are required which diminish environmental impact and extend maintenance intervals and component life cycles to deliver trouble-free operation under extreme conditions on the high seas. OKS environmentally friendly lubricants or EALs (environmentally acceptable lubricants) are eminently suitable for such environments. The highly biodegradable, high-performance gear oils are optimally suited to ensuring reliable operation of gears and bearings on the high seas. Specially developed high-performance lubricants for open drives deliver exceptionally high wear protection, even at very low temperatures. OKS multipurpose greases also ensure rolling and friction bearings function reliably in difficult environments. Highly suitable additives help to minimise wear and also provide effective protection against corrosion.

Bonded coating protects and prolongs service life

Metal components in machine and gear structures require powerful lubrication over a wide temperature range for their use. OKS supplies an optimally adhesive bonded coating for such cases, which reliably lubricates friction points on a lasting basis, even when they are subject to high mechanical loads or oscillating movements. It is particularly suitable for components and linkages at low to medium rotating speeds and as run-in lubrication for bearings and tooth systems. The bonded coating provides effective protection for tough hinges on freight containers. Ideal for a wide variety of uses, it delivers excellent wear protection, even after longer downtimes. It efficiently helps to prolong the service life of components and structural parts.

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