Chemical industry

High-performance speciality lubricants by OKS help to improve plant output in the chemical industry. They also comply with all national and international standards and reduce the impact of technical systems on the environment on a lasting basis.

Chemical industry

Advantages for the chemical industry

  • Increased output thanks to greater reliability in individual plant components
  • Speciality lubricants improve plant performance as a result of reduced friction and wear
  • Speciality lubricants which meet the highest standards and diminish technology-related environmental impact on a permanent basis

Efficient, clean solutions for the chemical industry

The chemical industry supplies products for further processing to a large number of markedly different sectors. An efficient, enduring production process thus plays a decisive role in profitability and success. Chemical plants must be able to produce reliably on a constant basis, even if they are subject to consistently high capacity utilisation. This is ensured with high-performance lubricants which withstand extreme conditions such as high pressure and high temperatures. OKS offers its customers speciality lubricants which help to improve plant performance while reducing technology-related environmental impact.

Speciality lubricants for greater productivity

The use of optimum speciality lubricants in chemical production plants helps to ensure consistently high output. OKS supplies lubricants which reduce friction, thus minimising wear in individual components. This prolongs the service life of individual lubricated components significantly. Systems and components only need lubrication during scheduled servicing. Operating costs are reduced and efficiency increased for the entire production process.

Reliable standards for less environmental impact

OKS products comply with all national and international standards and statutory regulations for temperature resistance, hygiene, food safety or other usage requirements. OKS develops all its products in compliance with strict quality requirements. A sustainable approach plays a key role in this process, particularly because products in the chemical industry often use substances which can be harmful to the environment. Environmental protection and user safety take priority at OKS, especially since it is a member of the Bavaria Environment Pact, an initiative set up by the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection to promote environmental responsibility in companies. OKS speciality lubricant solutions help to reduce technology-related environmental impact on a lasting basis.

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