OKS 2621 – Contact Cleaner, Spray

OKS 2621 is a contact cleaner to remove soiling that can cause creepage currents.

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Areas of application

  • Removal of loose oxide and electrode-erosion residues, dust deposits or creepage currents which cause soiling in moving contact areas such as motor-vehicle ignition distributors, relay contacts, resistance or potentiometer slideways, in static contact areas such as motor-vehicle spark plugs, plug-in connections, sliding and screw connections, in or on electrical and electronic equipment or devices of all kinds

Advantages and benefits

  • Highly effective due to outstanding cleaning properties
  • Broad range of uses for all maintenance and customer service work in electrical sector
  • Fast evaporation after striking surface

Technical specifications

  • density (at 20°C): 0.72 g/cm³


Disconnect voltage and shunt electrostatic charge prior to application. Spray on areas to be cleaned until the desired cleanliness is reached. Components are generally considered to be compatible with plastics, but because of the big variety of materials we recommend you to check the resistance before use.

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