Iron and steel industry

Requirements for components and machines in the iron and steel industry are stringent due to sharp differences in temperature, heavy accumulations of dirt and continuous vibrations and impacts. OKS speciality lubricants ensure optimal results and flawless processes, even under such challenging conditions.

Iron and steel industry

Advantages for the iron and steel industry

  • Speciality lubricants withstand extremely tough conditions
  • Reliable performance for remarkably effective plant capacity utilisation
  • Reduction in servicing and maintenance costs thanks to excellent properties
  • Longer plant service life thanks to low wear and improved protection against damage such as corrosion

Iron and steel industry: lubricant solutions for efficient servicing

The iron and steel industry poses highly challenging requirements: steel production plants must operate twenty-four hours a day to be sufficiently profitable. Extremely tough conditions are commonplace at points of use. Besides sharp differences in temperature, components and machines are also exposed to heavy dirt accumulation and continuous vibrations and impacts. Despite these tough conditions, they must reliably perform to ensure extremely effective capacity utilisation. This means that lubricants are subject to increased requirements for machine elements and must deliver maximum performance under such extreme conditions while lasting as long as possible. OKS lubricant solutions are eminently suitable for machine servicing and maintenance and ensure equipment is reliable in its operation.

Corrosion protection creates greater productivity

The comprehensive OKS range also includes corrosion protection products which meet specific requirements for plant servicing in the iron and steel industry. A metal reacting with its environment can quickly lead to damage and have an adverse effect on how a machine element functions.  In the iron and steel industry, metal components come into contact with other components and corrode very easily. OKS corrosion protection products stop such components from ageing prematurely. Components remain in use for longer periods of time thanks to protection products, thus increasing overall productivity. 

Clear advantages thanks to customised solutions

The extensive OKS portfolio always offers the right solution for users. Its expert team carries out comprehensive analyses to establish the most suitable product. The predominant conditions are carefully analysed and the plant operator's specific challenges taken into account when selecting a suitable solution. OKS products are the result of many years' experience and close cooperation with customers and industry experts. Iron and steel producers benefit from solutions perfectly matched to market requirements and which are able to provide them with clear competitive advantages over other manufacturers.

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