OKS 1149 – Silicone Grease, with PTFE

OKS 1149 is a silicone grease with PTFE for the long-term lubrication of plastic/plastic, plastic/metal, and elastomer/metal pairs under low to medium bearing loads and speeds.

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Areas of application

  • Lubrication of rolling bearings at operating temperatures of -50°C to +180°C
  • For long-term lubrication of temperature-stressed electric motor bearings, e.g. in household appliances or of bearings which are to start up easily at low temperatures
  • Initial lubrication of roller bearings, such as ball bearings that are open, closed on one side, or sealed off on both sides

Advantages and benefits

  • Broad range of uses outside normal grease performance areas
  • Reduces wear and friction
  • High resistance to oxidation
  • Wide operating temperature range and good low-temperature properties
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Very good compatibility with most plastics and elastomers

Technical specifications

  • lower operating temperature: -50 °C (≤ 1,400 hPa)
  • upper operating temperature: 180 °C
  • consistency: 2-3 NLGI grade (DIN ISO 2137)
  • viscosity at (25°C): 200 mm²/s (base oil)


For highest effectiveness, carefully clean the lubrication point, for example with OKS 2610/OKS 2611 universal cleaner. Before filling for first time, remove anti-corrosion agent. Fill the bearing such that all functional surfaces are certain of being greased. Fill normal bearings only up to about 1/3 of the free space inside the bearing. Low-speed bearings (DN value < 50,000) and their housings should be filled completely. The bearing and machine manufacturer's instructions should be observed. Subsequent lubrication at the lubrication nipples by grease gun or by automatic lubrication system. Determine the lubrication frequency and quantity on basis of service conditions. If old grease cannot be removed, restrict the quantity of grease so as to avoid overlubricating the bearing. If lubrication frequencies tend to be low, you should aim for a full grease change. Only mix with suitable lubricants. Bearings lubricated with silicone grease may only be stressed to about 1/3 of the permissible bearing load. Plastic based on silicone, such as silicone rubber can be attacked by silicone grease. Silicone grease may not be used at sliding points under pure oxygen influence. The product belongs in the category of silicone-oil greases with PTFE. Explosive decomposition reactions can occur at these products in conveyor systems having a high pressure build-up and small wire cross-sections. Avoid the intake of air, small wire cross-sections, high pressures and rapid pressure increases. Ventilate the plant well before commissioning it.

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