Rail vehicle technology

Lubricants play a crucial role in ensuring reliable operation for railway engineering. OKS offers a comprehensive product portfolio of speciality lubricants which ensure individual components in railway systems function smoothly and help all components to interact flawlessly.

Rail vehicle technology

Advantages for railway engineering

  • Greater reliability even under extremely harsh conditions
  • Longer service life for individual components thanks to less wear and friction
  • Specially developed adhesive lubricants with high pressure resistance
  • Reduction in servicing costs and environmental impact
  • Greater efficiency thanks to less loss lubrication

Greater reliability for railway engineering thanks to speciality lubricants

Trains and the whole infrastructure are exposed to high mechanical loads in railway systems on a daily basis. Reliability is a top priority in railway engineering systems. To ensure that rail vehicles arrive on time, all components and systems must work together perfectly, particularly under difficult weather conditions or when subject to permanent vibrations and shaking. A single component failure can paralyse a whole system. The OKS range features speciality lubricants such as lubricating greases, gear oils, assembly pastes and special cleaners to ensure all components function smoothly and reliably. Their use prolongs component service life cycles and, consequently, increases operational reliability.

High-performance lubricants ensure greater operational reliability

Adhesive lubricants specially developed for extreme mechanical loads are used to prime tooth flanks and sliding surfaces. This run-in lubrication can prevent damage to newly fitted gear wheels and sliding parts from the very outset. OKS high-performance lubricants are ideal for use in railway engineering systems. They form a sliding film, which increases operational reliability in moving machine parts. Adhesive lubricants also impress due to their excellent pressure resistance. They also ensure minimum friction, even under maximum mechanical stress.

Greater efficiency and economy thanks to high-performance lubricants

Many renowned manufacturers rely on efficient OKS solutions when equipping their railway vehicles. Railway operators achieve greater efficiency and economy thanks to the use of high-performance lubricants. Loss lubrication can be reduced thanks to the high quality of OKS lubricants. Fewer lubricants are used, thus cutting servicing and maintenance costs and diminishing environmental impact.

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