OKS 2711 – Refrigerating Spray

OKS 2711 is a refrigerating spray for undercooling of machine elements.

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OKS 2711 - Refrigerating Spray

Areas of application

  • For fast determination of thermally-dependent interruptions in electrical circuits or components
  • Avoidance of heat damage when soldering electrical components
  • For heat protection of neighbouring components
  • Shrinking of inner parts for removal of seized taper plugs, pins, plugs or bearing bushes
  • Generation of shrink seats for assembly of inner parts
  • For rapid temperature adjustment during materials testing
  • For simulation of cold-starting conditions with motor-vehicle automatic starting systems

Advantages and benefits

  • Highly effective due to outstanding undercooling effect
  • Excellently suited for simple cooling of parts
  • Immediate cooling of smaller surfaces or parts down to –45°C depending on spraying duration
  • Evaporates very quickly without residues
  • Also provides good cleaning effect
  • No negative affects on plastics and insulating materials

Technical specifications

  • base oil: solvent mixture
  • colour: colourless


Spray on respective parts for some seconds depending on desired temperature. For accurate spraying insert attached capillary tube in the jet orifice. Do not use under voltage! Risk of undercooling at longer skin contact.

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