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OKS product recommendations for the servicing and maintenance of municipal vehicles, machines, devices and systems

The right lubricant for every application. This is especially relevant when it comes to municipal equipment, since the speciality lubricants and technochemical maintenance products used here are subject to high requirements. We have compiled a selection of lubricants that are ideal for use in the drinking water sector, vehicle repair and building and outdoor facility maintenance.

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OKS product recommendations
OKS 2650 Industriereiniger Water-based cleaners for use in kitchens and canteens at children’s daycare centres, schools and community facilities or for outdoor use, such as at zoos
OKS 2650 Industrial Cleaner
OKS 1110 Multi-Silikonfett Special grease for sealing lubrication of O-rings on valves, water meters, slide valves, flaps and fittings in drinking water supply systems
OKS 1110 Multi-Silicone Grease
OKS 250 Weiße Allroundpaste, metallfrei Paste for all types of screwed connections, e.g flanges on stainless-steel pipes in the drinking and service water sector (water containers, wastewater treatment plants) or in the assembly of heating and air-conditioning units in buildings
OKS 250 White Allround Paste, metal-free
OKS 2661 Schnellreiniger, Spray Solvent-based cleaner for cleaning oily or greasy machine parts in the workshop or maintenance sector
OKS 2661 Fast Cleaner, spray
OKS 1361 Silikontrennmittel, Spray Silicone spray for the maintenance of rubber and synthetic surfaces, door seals and roller doors and fitting cables and seals during servicing tasks in buildings and vehicles
OKS 1361 Silicone Separator, spray
OKS 641 Wartungsöl, Spray Multi-purpose oil for mechanical components, such as door locks, hinges, screws, bolts, bushings, cranks, linkages, valves, slide rails and cable pulls as well as precision instruments, measuring instruments and computer equipment in offices
OKS 641 Maintenance Oil, spray
OKS 451 Ketten- und Haftschmierstoff, transparent, Spray Lubricating oil for motorbike, bicycle and forklift chains, support, hoisting, traction or winch ropes in hoisting gears, elevators, lifts or mountain railways, for Bowden and spring pulls as well as toothed gears, guides, closing mechanisms, hinges or sliding surfaces exposed to the elements
OKS 451 Chain and Adhesive Lubricant, transparent, spray
OKS 1601 Schweißtrennmittel, Konzentrat auf Wasserbasis, Spray Water-based welding parting agent for arc and inert-gas arc welding
OKS 1601 Weld Parting Agent, water-based concentrate, spray
OKS 470 Weißes Allround-Hochleistungsfett Lubricating grease for plain ,roller and pivoting bearings, spindles and guides and moving parts on precision mechanical devices and household appliances
OKS 470 White Universal High-Performance Grease
OKS 2811 Lecksucher, frostsicher, Spray Leak detector for the identification of leaks after the installation of pressurised piping and containers, such as on compressors, steel bottles, fittings, breathing apparatus, pipes, oxyacetylene and inert gas welding equipment as well as after fastening compressed air pipes, etc.
OKS 2811 Leak Detector, frost-proof, spray
OKS 2521 Glanz-Zink, Spray Zinc spray for touching up metallic surfaces after repair work such as grinding, sawing or welding, e.g. on tank covers, beams, railing and ladders
OKS 2521 Gloss Zinc, spray


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