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OKS 2681 – Adhesive and Paint Remover, Spray

Highly-effective cleaner for removing stubborn residues, such as residues of sealants, paints and adhesives in industry, trade and workshops.

Areas of application

  • Dissolving of a wide range of sealants and adhesives such as polyurethane residues, materials containing epoxies
  • Elimination of oily and greasy soiling
  • Removal of bitumen and tar splashes
  • Dissolving of labels and adhesive strips
  • Removal of paints on a PMMA and PU resin basis from metal surfaces

Advantages and benefits

  • Good infiltration of adhesive films allows easy removal of the residues from the surface
  • Good washable with water after use
  • Applicable to surfaces of metal, stainless steel, glass, wood, ceramics. Do not apply on sensitive materials such as PVC, PS or on painted surfaces
  • Low effect on the climate and no negative influence on the ozone layer (ozone-depleting potential: ODP = 0)
  • Free of surfactants, halogenated and aromatic solvents

Technical specifications

  • Density: (20 °C): 0.85 g/ml


Shake can well before use. Spray onto the surfaces to be cleaned and, depending on the degree of soiling, allow it to react for a longer period. Repeat if necessary. Subsequently wipe off with a moist cloth. Caution: When using on plastics and sensitive surfaces check compatibility beforehand.

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