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OKS 1510 – Release Agent, silicone free

OKS 1510 is a silicone-free parting agent for arc and inert-gas arc welding.

Areas of application

  • Mould parting agent for entire range of plastics processing if an adhesion-dependent further processing requiring silicone-free parting agent is carried out
  • Welding parting agent for arc welding and inert-gas arc welding
  • As nozzle spray for extended service life of welding nozzle and keeping nozzle opening clear on automatic welding units
  • As workpiece protection against baking and burning on of weld spatters

Advantages and benefits

  • Silicone free release agent with high effective substances from renewable primary products
  • Prevents from burning in of spatters at welding nozzles, on workpieces and robots and increases the lifetime of the welding torch
  • Builts up an evenly thin, nearly dry film, no creation of pores
  • Enables the fast change and cleaning of the welding nozzle
  • Easily washable with OKS 2650
  • Additional painting, metallising and printing after prior degreasing without any difficulties possible

Technical specifications

  • Density: (20 °C): 0.725 g/ml


For optimal effect clean workpiece and aereas to protect from any possible residues. Apply an even film on aereas to be protected. Take care for sufficient ventilation. For further processes with the workpieces, like e.g. galvanizing, hot galvanizing, varnishing, a.s.o., a prior test is recommended.

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