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OKS 387 High-Temperature Chain Lubricant for Food Processing Technology

Do you like pizza? One that is baked crispy in a pizza oven?
Enjoyed at home, on your porch, with a nice glass of wine?

Lubrication of chains in a pizza oven

Not everyone wants to install their own pizza oven at home. So someone came up with the idea of offering almost ready-to-eat pizzas straight from the pizza oven. Stored in the freezer at home, (almost) nothing stands in the way of a successful Italian evening.

Maybe some people ponder the origin of their pizza while having a meal. They think of their last holiday as Giovanni, Marco, Angelo, etc. spun the crust in their hands, accurately spread out the ingredients, baked the pizza in a beech wood fired pizza oven and elegantly served it.

Stop! That's not the right film! Our pizza on the plate at home is "industrially" made. Approx. 1.5 million pizzas per day are made in such plants. But these pizzas are also baked in a pizza oven. It is a bit bigger compared to the pizza oven at the Italian restaurant and has a separate entry and exit point as well as a transport chain. The slabs are installed on the transport chain that will transport the pizzas with toppings through the oven.

And now we come to the subject of "lubrication". This transport chain which is heavily loaded (slabs) and exposed to high temperatures (baking oven is over 200 °C!) must be lubricated. Because correct lubrication notably minimises friction and wear. Avoiding friction means saving energy. High wear ultimately leads to premature chain replacement.
So proper lubrication saves a lot of money. The fact that it is used in the production of foodstuffs doesn't make the choice of a suitable lubricant any easier.

In cooperation with the machine and dosing machine manufacturers, OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH developed a high-temperature chain lubricant for food processing technology.

The registration of OKS 387 with the NSF in category H1 verifies that speciality lubricants can also fulfil the most stringent requirements of foodstuff hygiene without performance compromises.

But back to our oven baked pizza on the plate. In spite of all the thoughts about it, the pizza has probably already been completely eaten (or has become cold!). Did you notice the light taste of machine oil? No? Then we've achieved our goal!

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