Explained in a nutshell Lubricants and cleaners for the bakery industry


Lubricants and cleaners for the bakery industry – certified products for maximum consumer safety

On modern production lines in the bakery industry, two factors are decisive: stable operation in a 24-hour, 7-day mode and optimal consumer safety. This places stringent demands both on the internal processes and the predominantly automated production lines in modern industrial bakeries.

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For transporting raw materials, dough, semi-finished and finished baked goods between the individual production stages within the baking plant, classical plant components like pumps, gears, blowers, air compressors and hydraulic systems are often also joined by mechanical components such as chains and rolling and friction bearings.

But how can smooth operation be guaranteed 24/7? How can production lines withstand the high levels of moisture and dust present on site, as well as the very high or low operating temperatures? And how can the contamination of food through dripping lubricants be avoided? 

By using high-performance lubricants that are not only certified, but are also physiologically harmless. In accordance with the American FDA, these are either NSF H1 or NSF H2 lubricants or NSF A1 cleaning agents or cleaners with NSF K1 or K3 certification, depending on the application. OKS speciality lubricants, technochemical maintenance products and cleaners help to boost your process reliability in the bakery industry, extending maintenance intervals, avoiding downtimes and increasing the efficiency of your machines and systems.

Information on the various lubricants and cleaners is available to download in our folder "Speciality lubricants for the bakery industry".

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