Speciality lubricants for food processing technology

NSF certified lubricants for a safe food processing and production

OKS lubricants for food processing technology can be used in all areas in which human beings could come into contact with lubricants. This goes far beyond the food processing and beverage industry. Typical users include manufacturers of food packaging, machine and system builders for the food processing industry, operators of logistics centres for foodstuffs, producers of household appliances, toy and pharmaceutical industries.

With OKS speciality lubricants on the safe side

There is currently no binding European or international legislation for lubricants approved for use in the food processing industry. As a result, in food processing technology and related areas, it is primarily the US regulations, which are the world’s strictest, that are utilised.

Positive list of the FDA

This list of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognised around the world contains all ingredients permissible in lubricants approved for use in food processing. All lubricants tested by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) are published in the white book of the NSF based on this list. You can find the list of these lubricants at in the chapter entitled “Nonfood Compounds Listings Directory”, arranged by company name.

NSF classification

The classification NSF H1 stands for lubricants which may be used when contact with food cannot be excluded in the event of failure. The lubricants that may be used when contact with food is technically excluded are summarised under NSF H2.

EC Directive 93/43/EWG (issued 14/6/93)

This directive requires food processing plants to use the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method. This preventative system ensures that every contamination-relevant step in the manufacturing process of a foodstuff can be identified and monitored. Even if this directive contains no regulations with regard to the ingredients of lubricants approved for use in food processing, the HACCP method covers the handling of lubricants in food processing technology.

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