Explained in a nutshell OKS 2650 BIOlogic Industrial Cleaner, exempt from labelling


OKS 2650 BIOlogic Industrial Cleaner ‒ for efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning in the food processing industry

Hygiene is of utmost importance in the food processing industry. After all, the servicing and cleaning of equipment and surfaces is crucial for ensuring the health of people – both those involved in production and processing and consumers alike. Choosing an effective, compatible, legally compliant and – if possible – biodegradable cleaner plays a key role in this. The keyword here is HACCP-conformity (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points).

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In accordance with these EU-wide hygiene regulations, for instance, refrigerators must be cleaned at least once a month, freezers every six months and refrigerated display cases every day. The right choice of cleaning agent depends on surface compatibility and the type of soiling. When it comes to cleaning ceramic work surfaces, metal housing, plastic grilles or glass surfaces, different approaches are required. The same goes for removing food residues, oils and greases. The EU Directive stipulates that the description of the cleaning agent must precisely state for which surfaces and type of dirt it is suitable.
In order to achieve hygienic standards of cleaning, combined formulations are often used which, although they have a disinfecting and cleaning effect, are also considered hazardous substances. These, in turn, require corresponding protective measures.

This is not the case with OKS 2650 BIOlogic Industrial Cleaner. When developing this formulation, the OKS engineers paid particular attention to the issues of health and environmental protection. At the same time, the product had to be just as efficient as other cleaners. The result is a water-based, alkaline concentrate. It is free of organic solvents and phosphates and, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025, is 85% biodegradable within 28 days. Depending on the degree of soiling, it can be used in high concentrations or diluted in water – without releasing any harmful vapours. In other words, effectiveness coupled with environmental protection and legal conformity.
Thanks to its good separation behaviour, OKS 2650 is particularly gentle on refrigerators, drinks and vending machines as well as tiles, ceramics and natural stone, plastic and metal surfaces, such as wind turbine rotor blades.

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