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OKS 3570 High-Temperature Chain Oil for Food Processing Technology

Lubrication of transport chains in the beverage can production

OKS 3570 is a chain lubricant developed specially for high-temperature use in food processing technology which is certified to NSF H1. OKS 3570 is suitable for conveying systems in painting, stoving and drying systems of the packaging and food processing industry.

Beverage cans are on everyone's lips, not only metaphorically, but also literally millions of times day-to-day in reality with a wide range of thirst quenchers. And to ensure that the enjoyment of the selected beverage is not impaired, meticulous care to avoid each and every contamination is already taken during the manufacturing of the beverage can.

After the cans have been deep-drawn, these are coated and the coating then stoved at approx. 210 °C. The cans are transported through the individual manufacturing processes by chains which in a medium-sized stoving furnace can be longer than 100 m. In order to allow a throughput of up to 20,000 cans per hour these transport chains have to run at high speeds. In view of these production conditions the chain lubricant has to fulfil an extensive range of requirements. The most important criterion in this application is the spin-off resistance. No lubricant may spray from the chain into the can during the manufacturing process, since it would otherwise have to be destroyed. The evaporation behaviour of the lubricant is also relevant since the condensate can be deposited in the empty cans or have a direct effect of the quality of the can coating.

The lubricant may therefore not contain any components that destroy the coating-wetting. The evaporation behaviour and the evaporation losses in particular at high temperatures are also interesting with regard to the relubrication quantity: Every drop that does not evaporate does not have to be relubricated. That the chain lubricant furthermore also has to be certified to the NSF H1 requirements for food processing technology is a matter of course.

OKS 3570 fulfils the requirements specified above and has passed its one-year practical test at a well-known global manufacturer of beverage cans. Thanks to its excellent high-temperature stability the lubrication consumption in production was reduced by more than 60 % and the operating life of the transport chain was extended to twice that for the product previously used.

Further possible applications for OKS 3570

Lubrication of carousel drives, conveyor belts and transport chains as well as the sliding surfaces between form and bearer in the forming process at glass production. Lubrication of hinges, joints, clamping and drying frames or slideways at higher operating temperatures.

Advantages and benefits

  • NSF H1 registered
  • Physiologically harmless
  • No formation of hard residues at operating temperatures up to 250 °C
  • Highly adhesive with no tendency to drip
  • Resistant to water and steam
  • Inert against acidic media
  • Free of solid lubricants – optimally suitable for automatic lubricating systems
  • Also available as the spray variant OKS 3571

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