News Low-Temperature Oil for frozen food manufacturers

Spray version of the OKS 3710 low-temperature chain lubrication oil

OKS 3711 – Low-Temperature Oil for frozen food manufacturers

Production capacities at frozen food manufacturers have been pushed to their limits for some months now and machine downtimes and breakdowns must be avoided at all costs. As a result, correct maintenance is increasingly becoming a critical success factor. 

With our speciality lubricant OKS 3711, we provide frozen food manufacturers with efficient, effective assistance for maintenance tasks.

Another addition to our product range

We now also offer our OKS 3710 low-temperature oil for food processing technology as OKS 3711, spray. We have developed a spray valve especially for this purpose, which also guarantees lubrication under extreme usage conditions and temperature ranges.
(Order from specialist retailers or from our web-shop). 

How to lubricate chains correctly – 8 tips on manual and drip lubrication of moving chains

VTH Infografik KettenschmierungA chain's service life can be extended enormously with optimum lubrication.
VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V. has produced an infographic for correct chain lubrication with our expert assistance.

You can find more information and the poster in PDF format on the VTH website.

Partners and customers will find a comprehensive range of chain lubricants at OKS.
Please contact us. Our Customer and Technical Service team will gladly help you choose the right chain lubricant.

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OKS 3711 - Low-Temperature Oil, for Food Processing Technology, Spray

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