Explained in a nutshell What exactly is tribology?


What exactly is tribology?

Friction and wear occur wherever components and parts move dynamically – in vehicles, production machines, filling systems, refrigeration and HVAC systems and other machines and systems. This is a well-known fact. However, choosing the right high-performance lubricants could save several billion euros in Germany every year. Very few people are aware of this fact.

It is virtually impossible to find the right lubricant without specialist knowledge. This is a science in itself - namely, tribology. It requires expertise to know which oils, greases, pastes or dry lubricants are needed to make production processes more efficient while also significantly increasing reliability and profitability.

Interactions between environmental and operating factors such as dust, temperature, moisture, materials, surfaces, speed, pressure load or vibrations need to be determined precisely. Only then will you find the right high-performance lubricant for your specific application. This is a task for the engineers and chemists at OKS. Would you like to know more? Look in our folder or visit our special website.

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