Explained in a nutshell OKS 2200 Water-based, VOC-free corrosion protection


OKS 2200 Water-based, VOC-free corrosion protection

Environmentally friendly resource use is also a key concern in industry. Safe handling of chemical substances in work environments is also becoming increasingly important. This also applies to the storage and transport of moulds, machines, tools and semi-finished metal products.

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OKS 2200, an environmentally friendly, temporary corrosion protection product for all uncoated metal surfaces, has been developed to reliably protect against unfavourable environmental factors such as humidity, salty environments, temperature fluctuations or industrial atmospheres. This water-based corrosion protection is VOC-free, meaning no vapours from volatile organic compounds are emitted during treatment. Consequently, there is no danger of explosion, for example, and the usual appropriate protective measures such as ventilation systems are no longer needed.

The coating thickness for optimum corrosion protection can be modified by simply diluting the product with water. Applied to the dry metal surface in the desired coating thickness, OKS 2200 forms a dry, non-slip wax film after drying, which can be easily removed again with warm water and water-based cleaners. It can also be safely applied to preheated mass-produced parts for faster drying thanks to its water-based formula.

OKS 2200 is eminently suitable as corrosion protection for mass-produced parts which are stored temporarily before further processing in the production process. Consequently, OKS 2200 is used especially in metal processing, injection moulding and manufacturing workshops.

Application examples

1. Protection for moulds during temporary storage

Injection moulding is used in plastics production to manufacture moulded parts with liquid plastic injected into suitable moulds. These moulds are made of metal, so they need to be protected against corrosion while in storage.
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2. Protection for metal semi-finished products during manufacturing

HalbzeugeIn metal-working shops, semi-finished parts often need to be stored temporarily or transported to other locations before being processed further in the manufacturing process. Corrosion protection is applied to the semi-finished parts at this stage in production.
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  • Environmentally friendly as VOC-free, water-based product
  • Workplace-friendly and not harmful to health since emissions (vapours) from volatile organic compounds are not emitted during application
  • Dry, non-slip wax film
  • Effective adhesion on metal surfaces
  • Can be applied to hot parts (up to max. 100 °C)
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