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OKS 4220 Extreme-Temperature Bearing Grease - Lubrication of rolling bearings and sliding guides of tea packaging machines

Tea bags are small bags made of special filter paper. In order to ensure the purity of foodstuffs they are usually produced without adhesives by using a special folding process.

Today's tea bag with two chambers was invented by an employee of the Teekanne company. 1949 saw the launch of the "Constanta tea packaging machine". The end of the same year saw the market launch of the dual-chamber bag with staple closing patented by Teekanne that is used until the present day.

A rectangular paper strip, about 15 cm long, is folded to the shape of a hose that was folded in the middle and was filled with tea from both ends. The longer end was folded over the other and closed using a staple. Modern packaging machines fill up to 450 tea bags per minute. The market leader alone produces and fills approximately 10 million tea bags every day.

OKS 4220 Product description

OKS 4220 is a special extreme temperature grease on the basis of perfluoropolyether with PTFE as a thickener. In addition to the extraordinary temperature stability up to 280°C, the grease is completely inert chemically and thus also resistant to aggressive media such as inorganic acids. In addition, OKS 4220 is physiologically harmless, tasteless and odourless and has been certified by the NSF in the Category H1.

OKS 4220 Example of use

Temperatures of approx. 220°C occur at the lubricating points of the packaging machines during hot sealing of the tea bags (Picture 1). The hot glue itself has a temperature of approx. 330°C. The guide rollers of the conveyor belts and the slideways in the machines are lubricated with OKS 4220. The filling process runs in 2-shift operation with approx. 55 tea bags per minute or 50,000 tea bags a day (Picure 2). Relubrication is carried out once a day. In comparison to the high-temperature grease of a competitor that was previously used, OKS 4220 has a considerably higher temperature stability. Relubrication is deliberately carried out more often than necessary (thus not exploiting the potential of OKS 4220 fully) - since the slightest fault in the process would result in incorrectly packaged tea bags and thus to a machine standstill.

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