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OKS 3710 Low-Temperature Oil for food processing technology

The preparation of iced dishes was already known to the Romans.

According to legend the emperor Nero had glacial ice brought to Rome by relay from the Alps, more than 600 miles away in order to prepare fruit sorbets. If the ice had melted by the time the runners reached Rome, they paid with their life. Nowadays the production of ice cream is much more employee-friendly thanks to the fully automated cooling circuit. Thanks to modern plant technology the mixture produced in a pre-mixer is pasteurised, homogenised, subsequently stirred to cream, whipped with air and portioned, without any human intervention. After being filled into the cones, the ice-cream cones are drawn by a 250-m long roller chain through a cooling chamber.


In the so-called freezer the ice is refrigerated in a very short time at ambient temperatures of up to − 50 °C. In the next step a chocolate icing is applied to the ice-cream cones. To this purpose the ice is immersed into warm chocolate. Due to the large temperature difference the chocolate cools down rapidly, forms a very thin layer and becomes firm.

Subsequently the ice is transported back into the refrigeration tunnel. The drive chain of the transport system is lubricated by an automatic system by means of nozzles. In the spray nozzles the oil is mixed with air in order to wet the chain with an even spray mist.

This process is only possible with the extre-mely thin low-temperature oil OKS 3710, since the lubrication is carried out in the refri-geration tunnel. Conventional lubricants can no longer be used in this environment due to the extremely low temperatures and the fact that contact with foodstuffs cannot be excluded.

Product description

OKS 3710 was developed as a lubricant at low temperatures for the food processing industry. The low-viscosity fully synthetic oil has excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures and does not solidify even at − 60 °C. In addition to its excellent lubricating properties, OKS 3710 is odour- and taste-free and ageing-resistant, as well as resistant to cleaners, disinfectants and ammonia.

Further possible applications for OKS 3710

Lubrication of the drive unit and the belts in a spiral belt freezer during the production of deep-frozen products.

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