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OKS 277 High-Pressure Lubrication Paste with PTFE

Lubrication of compensating bearings of the cooling units of diesel locomotives


Christmas, the best time of the year for all big and small railway fans. The model railway is set up, expanded and repaired at home. Long wish lists are written by fathers for their sons and instead of Christmas Markets the shopping sprees go to hobby shops and markets. The full-scale originals have already been assembled, but also have to be maintained and repaired regularly. Here too, it is sometimes the little things that have large effects

The cooling of the drive motors in diesel locomotives is mounted in the middle of the locomotive and is open to the top and bottom. This means that the radiators are subjected to wind and weather. The temperatures range from −40 °C to +120 °C.

In order to compensate the expansion of the radiators when heated – which can amount to up to 2 cm in extreme cases – these are fastened to a mounting frame with two floating bearings each. The bearings themselves are manufactured of special metal alloys with good lubricating properties. However, practice showed that the lubricating properties of the berating materials were not sufficient so that warping of the radiator repeatedly arose. Although tests using available greases and pastes resulted in short term improvements, these lubricants were repeatedly washed off in the long term. The extremely adhesive and water-resistant OKS 277 fulfills the requirements with regard to a long-term solution completely.

Product description

OKS 277 is a fully synthetic, extremely adhesive multipurpose paste with very high PTFE contents. The firm consistency of the paste in combination with the high-viscosity base oil effectively supports sealing of valves, labyrinth seals, etc. The highly adhesive paste for lubricating spindles, friction bearings, gearwheels, etc. effectively prevents stick-slip phenomena. OKS 277 improves the sliding properties between non-ferrous metals, between metals and elastomers or plastics as well as between plastics and plastics. The extremely high-viscosity, silicone-free base oil and the high PTFE contents effectively reduce structure-borne noise and friction oscillations made of polymeric materials.

Further possible applications for OKS 277 are

  • … the lubrication of sliding machine elements made of metal, plastic and ceramic.
  • … the lubrication and sealing of outlet fittings for commercial kitchens.
  • … the lubrication of threaded spindles on radiator thermostats etc.
  • … the long-term lubrication of heavily loaded press and guide plates on telescope booms of mobile cranes.

Further interesting OKS products for the maintenance and servicing

  • OKS 601 for the dismantling of screwed connections
  • OKS 2650 for cleaning of fins
  • OKS 1361 for care of hoses
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