OKS on the MOTEK Fair 2014 in Stuttgart, Hall 7, Stand 7134

Optimising performance through cleaning and lubricating

Cleaning + Lubricating = Optimising performance" is the motto with which OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH is presenting itself on the Motek 2014. In addition to the latest speciality lubricants, the focus lies on two newly developed highly effective cleaners for industry, handicraft and trade: The adhesive and paint remover OKS 2681 rapidly and effortlessly removes hard-to-remove residues from hard surfaces, while the NSF K1- and K3-registered intensive cleaner OKS 2670 is designed specially for use in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, the company will be presenting OKS 480 – a new NSF H1-certified water-resistant high-pressure grease for the food processing industry.

"The equation 'Cleaning + Lubricating = Optimising performance' summarizes the extent to which outstandingly matched speciality products can increase the machine efficiency", says Carolin Neuner, Product Manager at OKS. "So that our speciality lubricants can unfold their maximum effect, old lubricant residues or soiling have to be removed thoroughly from the machine elements to be lubricated. The special highly efficient cleaning products from OKS ensure not only the optimal application of the OKS lubricants to minimize frictional losses, but also reduce the time and effort required for the application."

OKS 2681 – Cumbrous residues removed effortlessly

Adhesive and label residues, residues of paints and adhesive films, baked-on sealing residues, oily and greasy soiling as well as tar and bitumen splashes can be extraordinarily stubborn. The new highly efficient cleaning spray OKS 2681 dissolves hard-to-remove residues from hard surfaces such as metal, stainless steel, wood, ceramics as well as numerous plastics rapidly and effortlessly. Thanks to OKS 2681's ability to infiltrate and thus loosen soiling, damage to the surface through mechanical cleaning is avoided. Application using a spray can makes it easy to reach even hardly accessible points. OKS 2681 disposes of an active ingredient with low effect on the climate and without any influence on the ozone layer and which removes polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, oils and greases, polyolefins, glues and adhesives as well as paints and lacquers on a PMMA and PU resin basis.

OKS 2670 – New Intensive Cleaner for the Food Processing Industry

The new NSF K1- and K3-registered intensive cleaner OKS 2670 was developed especially for the cleaning of bearings and machine parts made of metal and plastics and for the removal of gummy oil and grease residues in the food processing industry. Its high cleaning action reduces the subsequent manual reworking to a minimum. In addition the product distinguishes itself through its rapid and residue-free evaporation. The new cleaner can furthermore be used to dissolve silicone and adhesive residues as well as to prepare surfaces for bonding. OKS 2670 is suitable for use with the practical OKS Airspray System, thus avoiding high disposal costs and reducing environmental impacts. The product is also available as a practical spray solution under the designation OKS 2671 for points that are difficult to access.

OKS 480 – New calcium sulphonate complex grease demanding operating conditions in food processing technology

The new OKS 480 is a fully synthetic bearing grease for application in the entire food processing technology. The NSF-H1-registered lubricating grease is suitable in particular for use under critical operating conditions – under high water influence, contact with cleaners and disinfectants, high pressures, high loads and high temperatures. In comparison to conventional lubricating greases for food processing technology, OKS 480 provides excellent wear protection, disposes of clearly improved high-pressure properties and can be used across a wide range of temperatures from -30 to +160 degrees Celsius.

The experts of OKS will be pleased to answer all your questions about cleaning and lubricating in Hall 7, Stand 7134 on the Motek Fair 2014.

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