OKS 8600 - Especially for outdoor applications - the new BIOLogic Multi Oil OKS 8600 and 8601

Especially for outdoor applications - the new BIOLogic Multi Oil OKS 8600 and 8601

The new BIOLogic Multi Oil OKS 8600 with EU Ecolabel is an innovative further development of the proven OKS 8600. The highly effective product for a broad range of applications distinguishes itself through it biodegradability and its basis of renewable raw materials. Thus making it particularly suitable for outdoor use where contact with soil or water cannot be excluded - such as the lubrication and maintenance of machine components and devices used outdoors.

Thanks to its further development the new OKS 8600 disposes not only of a notably higher flashing point but also of optimised friction and wear protection properties. It furthermore contains solely raw materials and additives specified in the "Lubricant Substance Classification List", so that it fulfils the requirements of the
EU Ecolabel to the full extent.

"BIOLogic OKS 8600 EU Ecolabel fulfils all the criteria with regard to creep properties, corrosion protection, water displacement and lubrication capability outstandingly", says Markus Leirer, Technical Head of OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH. "In addition, this highly effective multipurpose oil is based to more than 90 percent on renewable raw materials and thus fulfils the requirements placed on sustainable products. The award of the EU Ecolabel to the product is further proof of its genuine innovation."

The main fields of application of the BIOLogic Multi Oil OKS 8600 are forestry, agriculture and water management, gardening and landscaping as well as waste-water treatment and composting plants. OKS 8600 is also available as a spray under the designation BIOLogic Multi Oil OKS 8601 with non-combustible propellant gases.

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