New NSF H1 registered grease spray for hardly accessible bearings and mechanical parts Waterproof High-Pressure Grease for Food Processing Technology

With the new OKS 481 spray OKS now offers an outstanding solution for the lubrication of hardly accessible bearings and mechanical parts of the entire food processing technology. The fully synthetic calcium sulphonate complex grease proves its performance in particular under difficult operating conditions, for example under a strong water flow or under high pressures. OKS 481 is the spray version of the proven OKS 480. The spray variant is also NSF-H1 registered and can be used across a wide range of temperatures thanks to the fully synthetic base oil.

"The modern grease on the basis of a calcium sulphonate complex soap thickener has an excellent pressure absorption capacity also as a spray and is thus excellently suitable for application under high loads" declares Markus Breitenbach, Head of Marketing and Product Management at OKS. "OKS 481 is thus an ideal supplement to the range of applications of OKS 480 during the lubrication of rolling and friction bearings or of mechanical parts such as levers, joints, hinges, also at critical lubricating points."

The NSF H1 registered grease can be used wherever resistance of the lubricant against cleaning agents and disinfectants is very important due to the high hygiene requirements, for example in the presses, conveyor belts and blenders of the food processing and beverage industry, the filling and packaging machines of the packaging industry as well as in the production plants of the livestock feed industry. In the process the calcium sulphonate complex thickener provides excellent protection against corrosion, thus contributing towards extending the durability of the machine components and reducing the downtimes.

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