New Intensive Cleaner for the Food Processing Industry

Optimally matched mixture of active substances with high cleaning action

With OKS 2670, OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH presents a highly effective intensive cleaner registered to NSF K1 and K3 for use in the food processing industry. OKS 2670 is suitable for cleaning bearings and machine components as well as for removing aged and gummy oil and grease residues. In addition, the cleaner can be used to dissolve silicone and adhesive residues as well as to prepare surfaces for bonding. The product is also available as a practical spray solution under the designation OKS 2671 for points that are difficult to access.

"Our new intensive cleaner achieves its high cleaning actions through an optimally matched mixture of active substances, that reduces subsequent manual working to a minimum", says Carolin Neuner, Product Manager at OKS. "In addition the product distinguishes itself through its rapid and residue-free evaporation and its good compatibility with common plastics".

OKS 2670 and 2671 are suitable for cleaning tools, machines and machine elements made of metal and plastics. In addition to the food processing and pharmaceutical industries as well as the livestock feed industry, the main fields of application for the new intensive cleaner are maintenance and repair workshops.

Thanks to being filled without the propellant gases propane and butane, OKS 2671 has a notably higher ratio of active ingredients so that small quantities are sufficient to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

OKS 2670 is suitable for use with the practical OKS Airspray System, thus avoiding high disposal costs and reducing environmental impacts.

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