New calcium sulphonate complex grease for demanding operating conditions in food processing technology

Waterproof high-pressure grease ensures operationally reliable lubrication of plant components

The new OKS 480 is a fully synthetic bearing grease for application in the entire food processing technology. The NSF-H1-registered lubricating grease is suitable in particular for use under critical operating conditions – under high water influence, contact with cleaners and disinfectants, high pressures, high loads and high temperatures. In comparison to conventional lubricating greases for food processing technology OKS 480 provides excellent wear protection, disposes of clearly improved high-pressure properties and can be used across a wide range of temperatures from -30 to +160 degrees Celsius.

"OKS 480 owes its excellent resistance to pressure and water and its highly effective corrosion protection to a special calcium-sulphonate complex thickener", says Carolin Neuner, Product Manager at OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH. "Thanks to its excellent resistance to water and media for example against watery-alkaline and acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents OKS 480 ensures high operational reliability also in wet areas. This is an aspect that is not to be underestimated in the food processing industry in which very high hygienic standards apply."

The fully synthetic base oil of OKS 480 forms the basis for the wide range of temperatures and the high oxidation stability of the new universal grease. The high shear stability prevents thinning out of the grease under extreme mechanical loads such as during vibrations.

OKS 480 is ideally suitable for rolling and friction bearing lubrication as well as the lubrication of mechanical parts such as levers, joints and hinges. OKS 480 is used in food processing plants, filling, packaging and production machines of the food processing and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, livestock as well as packaging industry. Thanks to its manifold range of uses the number of different lubricants can be minimised, thus reducing the cost-intensive storage and the danger of confusion.

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