New air-hardening bonded coating for dry lubrication of machine elements subject to high demands

Metal components in mechanical engineering, in gearing manufacturing, in the vehicle or wind power industry require excellent lubrication across a wide range of operating temperatures. With the new OKS 521, OKS has now developed a bonded coating with excellent adhesive qualities on an MoS2/graphite basis especially for metal components and metal connections which reliably and continuously lubricates the friction points even under high stresses or oscillating movements.

"Our new bonded coating OKS 521 forms a very thin high-adhesion sliding layer within about five minutes at room temperature – thus making it suitable for use even at lubricating points with very tight fits", declares Dr. Markus Breitenbach, Head of Marketing & Product Management at OKS. "Generally bonded coatings such as OKS 521 prevent contamination of the environment with lubricant, attract less dirt thanks to their firm adhesion on the friction surfaces, and through their structure offer very good wear protection for the metal surfaces even at high stresses."

OKS 521 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of highly-stressed metal components and connections at low to medium rotating speeds as well as for the run-in lubrication of bearings, toothings and other sliding pairs. The new bonded coating can be used across a very wide temperature range. OKS 521 ensures excellent wear protection even after long standstill periods and thus contributes towards extending the durability of the components.

Examples for the application of OKS 521 are amongst others the coating of rough hinges at freight containers, of slide valves in guides of water channels in wastewater treatment plants or of crown gears in wind energy plants.

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