New, chemically active rust remover for dissolving and removing stubborn rust

OKS 661 ‒ Highly efficient and ecologically harmless

Stubborn rust on screws, brake discs, gear wheels, turnbuckles, spindles or stud bolts has frustrated many a mechanic – especially when they can’t be replaced or are located in places that are difficult to access. Such cases not only call for speed, but also the optimal efficiency of the product used to remove the rust.

In addition to a high level of effectiveness, ecological and work safety aspects also play an increasingly crucial role in the use of products in the maintenance sector. The new, chemically active OKS 661 rust remover provides an ideal solution to both of these challenges. The product is free from petrol and mineral oils and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors without concern.
“Wherever metal components are exposed to the weather or other corrosive influences, metal surfaces and screws may suffer heavy rusting,” explains Markus Breitenbach, head of marketing at OKS. “The non-destructive removal of rust often represents a huge challenge in repair, maintenance and servicing tasks. Thanks to the slow evaporation rate of our new, chemically active rust remover, we achieve a longer exposure time, meaning that even stubborn rust is reliably dissolved to restore screw connection mobility, for instance.”
The new OKS 661 active rust remover can be used in diverse applications, including to loosen sticky brake discs during bicycle repairs or to dissolve and remove rust from open gear wheels exposed to the weather, turnbuckles in bridge construction or rusted spindle drives in weir systems.
OKS 661 can also be used to clean flash rust, rust stains, encrustations and oil residues from metal surfaces.

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