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OKS 481 Waterproof High-Pressure Grease for Food Processing Technology

OKS 481, the waterproof high-pressure grease, is available with immediate effect in the spray version. It is certified to NSF H1 and is thus suitable for use in food processing technology.

OKS 481 is a fully synthetic calcium sulphonate complex grease for high loads and pressures at applications in the complete food processing technology.

High shear stability prevents thinning out of the grease under extreme mechanical loads such as during vibrations. It offers excellent wear protection and very high resistance to water-alkaline or acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents. The calcium sulphonate complex soap ensures excellent water resistance and very good corrosion protection. 

Further Applications

  • Rolling and friction bearing lubrication, even at high temperatures
  • Lubrication for bearings with contact to cleaning agents or disinfectants
  • For mechanical units such as levers, joints and hinges, also under strong water effect

Main fields of application

  • Food processing and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, livestock industry, packaging industry
  • Certified for applications in food processing technology. NSF H1 Reg. No. 153878
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