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OKS 478 - new, silicone-free special grease for the food processing industry

OKS presents OKS 478 – a new, silicone-free lubricating and sealing grease for plastic and metal surfaces that meets the high requirements of the food processing industry in all respects.

Packaging for foods such as confectionery not only has to be colourful and appealing, but also needs to ensure that its tasty contents reach consumers in perfect, hygienic condition. As part of this, food safety and health protection already start with the lubrication of the packaging machines.
OKS 478 is NSF H1-registered and free from MOSH/MOAH, which means that in the event of damage or carry-over, there is no risk of mineral oil residues in the packaging material or food.

The new plastic and elastomer grease is particularly suitable for the lubrication of slideways under high mechanical stress loads and is an ideal silicone-free alternative for the lubrication of O-rings and seals. It is characterised by its high shear stability, which prevents lubricant running even at high stress loads.

Photo: © Evgeny - stock.adobe.comEspecially with high-speed machines, such as for sweets packaging, OKS 478 reliably adheres to the lubrication point and is not pushed out by centrifugal forces. This NSF H1-certified lubricant is therefore ideal for use in this demanding application.

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Additional benefits:

  • The new product causes no corrosion on a large number of plastics, seals, rubber and sensitive metal surfaces.
  • Excellent adhesion to plastic/plastic and plastic/metal combinations
  • No drying out, hardening or bleeding
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