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OKS 3750 / 3751 Adhesive Lubricant with PTFE – now MOSH/MOAH-free

Now available – OKS 3750 / 3751, Adhesive Lubricant with PTFE, as MOSH/MOAH-free version.

OKS launches development program to avoid MOSH/MOAH substances in lubricants

Food packaging consisting of recycled waste paper and cardboard is partly contaminated with mineral oil residues. This has been the result of scientific research. The problem: The residues in the cardboard boxes can already outgas at room temperature and thus pass into the packaged food. In recent time consumer protection organizations have increasingly pointed to this fact, which has long been known. 

Being in focus are on long-chain and flavored petroleum hydrocarbons, abbreviated to MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon) or MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon). These substances are particularly easy to absorb from contaminated food in the body and are also suspected of causing damage to health. Due to the complex detection methods, however, there are still no methods of analysis uniformly defined by law for MOSH/MOAH substances and their limit values ​​in foods.

Against this background, OKS has now launched a long-term development program to avoid such substances in lubricants for the food industry. Within the new development program of OKS lubricants for food technology, will be converted to a MOSH/MOAH-free version if they are not already MOSH/MOAH-free. This is where the manufacturer operates, even before the legislature has established appropriate regulations.

OKS products that are free of MOSH/MOAH are indicated in product brochures with a special pictogram..


Product designation of OKS 3750 / 3751 Adhesive Lubricant with PTFE

The first product to be modified is OKS 3750 / 3751, an adhesive lubricant with PTFE. This NSF H1 certified lubricant is especially suitable for use in the food industry, in particular for the lubrication of drive and transport chains of sorting, conveying and packaging systems. The PTFE-enriched synthetic base oil ensures optimized tribological properties such as highest wear protection, high pressure absorption, high oxidation and aging resistance and good creeping capabilities. In addition, OKS 3750 / 3751 is characterized by its good resistance to media such as cold and hot water, steam as well as alkaline and acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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