OKS 3601 High-Performance Corrosion Protection Oil for Food Processing Technology

OKS 3601, the high-performance corrosion protection oil (aerosol), is available with immediate effect. It is certified to NSF H1 and is thus suitable for use in food processing technology.

OKS 3601 is an anti-corrosion agent on an oil basis.
It offers Shipping protection of packed and unpacked machines and machine parts, apparatuses and equipment goods under extreme climatic conditions and provides corrosion protection and lubrication of moving parts, e.g. valve spindles, piston rods, wire cables, drag cables, drive and conveyor chains, hinges and guides.

Further applications

  • Preservation under high corrosive loading, e.g. industrial atmospheres, outdoor weathering under roofs of semi-finished products, finished products
  • Temporary corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in particular in highly corrosive atmospheres

Main fields of application

Food processing technology, transport sector, handicraft and industrial sector, agriculture and construction industry.
Certified for applications in food processing technology. NSF H1 Reg. No. 154933

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