OKS 661 – Rust Away, Spray

Highly effective, environmentally friendly rust dissolver and remover. For removing flash rust and rust stains.

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Areas of application

  • For loosening and restoring the usability of rusted threads such as screws, turnbuckles, spindles and stud bolts
  • For removing rust from lightly corroded metal surfaces
  • For removing flash rust and rust stains
  • For cleaning metallic encrustation and oil residues

Advantages and benefits

  • Chemical reaction – actively breaks down or dissolves rust layer
  • Environmentally friendly formula – ecologically harmless in use
  • Does not contain petrol or mineral oil – workplace-friendly
  • Low evaporation rate – enhanced effect through longer exposure time

Technical specifications

  • base oil: solvent
  • colour: colourless-light yellow


Spray onto surfaces. Allow to soak in depending on degree of rusting. Max. soaking period 24 hours.Rub with a brush to remove rust from surfaces.Wipe off with a dampened cloth afterwards. Repeat as necessary. Check suitability beforehand before using on plastics and sensitive surfaces.


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