OKS 5500 – Lever Grease Gun

Lever grease gun with press barrel made of steel for 400 ml grease cartridge or 500 ml loose grease.

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Areas of application

  • Grease lubrication of all important parts
  • Maintenance of mechanical and industrial machines

Advantages and benefits

  • Long and strong hand lever with plastic grip
  • Grease press barrel smooth and without internal profiling
  • Stable grip at the plunger rod that prevents bruising
  • Grease press barrel and rear cover form a unit (in order to prevent accidents)
  • Limit stop for the plunger rod
  • Mounting of firm nozzle tubes easily possible
  • Suitable for grease up to NLGI 3

Technical specifications

  • Press barrel of steel Ø: 56 mm
  • Operating pressure: 400 bar
  • Output: approx. 1.9 cm³/stroke
  • Empty weight: 1,250 g


1. To replace the grease cartridge screw off the press barrel 2. Pull the rod back into the end position 3. Insert the open cartridge into the press barrel. Pull off the bottom beforehand 4. Screw in the press barrel and relieve the rod 5. Press the clamping lever and slide the rod back into the press barrel 6. Vent by pressing the vent valve

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