OKS 477 – Valve Grease

OKS 477 is valve grease for food processing technology.

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Areas of application

  • Sealing lubrication of sliding surfaces, e.g. ground-in parts such as taper plugs, dosing plungers, valves, beer taps etc.
  • Maintenance lubrication of plastic and rubber parts, as well as stuffing boxes, lip seals and O-rings
  • Rolling and friction bearing lubrication in slow-running areas, toothing or chains on filling and packaging machines, stirring and grinding mechanisms etc.

Advantages and benefits

  • Highly effective due to proven lubricant formula
  • Fulfils most demanding hygienic requirements. Reduced maintenance and lubricant costs due to possible long-term lubrication
  • Resistant to hot and cold water, water vapour, wateryalkaline and acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Neither hard residues result, nor is there a tendency to soften or drip due to pasteurisation or sterilization
  • Odour and taste-free, and does not affect the properties of beer foam
  • Toxicologically harmless as defined in German LFGB
  • Commodities Act. NSF H1 registration number 135 750
  • Tested according the UBA-guideline for the hygenic evaluation of lubricants in contact with potable water
  • NSF H1 registered
  • MOSH/MOAH-free (as per recipe)

Technical specifications

  • lower operating temperature: -10 °C
  • upper operating temperature: 140 °C
  • consistency: 3 NLGI grade (DIN ISO 2137)
  • viscosity at (40°C): 1,600 mm²/s (base oil)


For best results clean the lubricating point carefully. Clean with solvents like OKS 2610/OKS 2611 Universal Cleaner. Use a brush, spatula or similar to apply grease evenly thin to the functional surface. Remove excess grease. Observe the instructions of machine manufacturer. Relubrication intervals and amount to be defined acc. to the service conditions. Only mix with appropriate lubricants.

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