OKS 30 – Moₓ-Active Additive

OKS 30 is a modern EP-additive for improving the long-term effectiveness of lubricants.

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Areas of application

  • Improves the run-in lubrication of new or overhauled machines and increases the load-carrying capacity
  • Improves the lubricating properties of the oil under high loads and at high temperatures
  • Reduces operating noises and wear

Advantages and benefits

  • Forms a pressure-resistant layer with high lubricating effectiveness
  • Increase in the load-bearing share
  • Reduction in the specific surface loading
  • Lower thermal loading of the lubricant
  • Considerably extended service life

Technical specifications

  • density (at 20°C): 1 g/cm³
  • viscosity at (40°C): 70 mm²/s


Shake or stir well before use. Depending on loading, add 2-3% to engine oils and 3-5% to machine- and gear oils. Instructions of the machine manufacturer have to be observed. Mixing will occur in operation. Mix with appropriate lubricants only. Not suitable with water-based lubricants and polyglycol oils. Especially at older machines and machines normally used with unalloyed oils, the compatibility of OKS 30 with the installed gaskets has to be proved before application.

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