OKS 2731 – Compressed-Air Spray

OKS 2731 is a compressed-air spray for removal of loose dirt particles at inaccessible points.

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OKS 2731 - Compressed-Air Spray

Areas of application

  • For removing dust prior to maintenance and repair work, e.g. on magnetic plates, reading heads, audio-visual magnetic tape recording and playback heads, phonograph pick-ups, record turntables or phonograph records
  • For cleaning vacuum sealing surfaces, sealing rings, high-voltage insulators, sample containers etc.
  • For vacuum systems and device groups under clean-room conditions for semiconductor production
  • Cleaning of opto-electronic reading units for bank checks and contactless cleaning of optical devices
  • For maintenance of automated teller machines, quartz clocks or display panels
  • For dedusting precision mechanical parts and assemblies in office machines, copiers, fax machines etc.

Advantages and benefits

  • Excellently suited for dedusting, blowing out and blowing off dust and liquids of all kinds
  • Dry, oil-free compressed gas leaves behind no residues
  • Replacement for ultrapure compressed air

Technical specifications


Spray on areas to be cleaned in short intervals from approx. 10 cm distance. Do not shake tin before use! Keep tin in vertical position while spraying. If not used correctly liquid gas can escape and undercool the object. Do not use under voltage! To be used only in good ventilated rooms - no smoking.

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