OKS 255 – Ceramic Paste

All-purpose ceramic paste for lubricating and mounting heavily loaded sliding surfaces.

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Areas of application

  • Lubrication of all kinds of highly stressed sliding surfaces, especially at low slip speeds or with oscillating movements
  • Surface separation of temperature-stressed threaded connections
  • For stainless-steel connections

Advantages and benefits

  • Broad field of application
  • Good wear and corrosion protection
  • Prevents burning-on and cold welding
  • Good pressure absorption capacity
  • No classification marks according to (EG) No. 1272/2008
  • Prolonged lubrication effect
  • Metal-free

Technical specifications

  • lower operating temperature: -30 °C
  • upper operating temperature: 100 °C / 1,400 °C (lubrication / separation)
  • four-ball test rig welding load: 3,400 N
  • thread friction coefficient (μ total): 0.13 (screw ISO 4017 M10x55-8.8 black-oxide, nut ISO 4032 M10-10 black-oxide)


For best adhesion, clean contamination and other lubricants from thread and slide surfaces. Best way is to clean mechanically first (for example, with a wire brush) and then with OKS 2610/OKS 2611 universal cleaning agent. Use a brush, spatula or similar to apply evenly a suitable quantity of paste to the head or nut contact surface and to the thread. The paste also acts as a sealant against spray water and condensate. Do not use paste instead of grease and mix only with suitable lubricants.


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