OKS 2200 – Corrosion protection, water-based

OKS 2200 is a temporary removable corrosion protection for all bare metal surfaces for longer transportation and storage periods under environmental influences such as humidity, moisture, salty atmosphere, temperature fluctuations or industrial atmospheres.

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Areas of application

  • Corrosion protection of metal semi-finished products and spare parts during transportation and storage
  • Temporary storage of forms, machines and tools in production and maintenance

Advantages and benefits

  • Environmentally friendly VOC-free product on a water base
  • Workplace-friendly and not detrimental to health, since emissions (vapours) from volatile organic compounds do not arise during application
  • Setting of the layer thickness for optimal corrosion protection through dilution with water possible
  • In case of mass coating, pre-heating of the parts to accelerate drying possible
  • Dry wax film fast to handling
  • Can be removed easily with warm water and water-based cleaners, such as OKS 2650
  • Good adhesion on metal surfaces
  • Neutral with respect to most plastics and paints

Technical specifications

  • lower operating temperature: -40 °C
  • upper operating temperature: 70 °C
  • salt spray test: > 1,000 h (layer thickness > 30 µm)
  • optimal layer thickness: > 30 µm


Application on metallic bare and grease-free surface. Small parts can be preheated for rapid drying up to maximum of 100°C. Drying can be accelerated through hot air. Drying times as specified in the following technical data. Application in an evenly thin film preferably dipping or spraying, in individual cases also by brush. Protect packaging against frost. Stir/shake well before use.

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