toolbOKS Bremsenreiniger – toolbOKS ŚRODEK CZYSZCZĄCY DO HAMULCÓW, spray

Removal of stubborn dirt and residues from oils, greases, resins, adhesives, tar, soot, hydraulic and brake fluids, and clutch and brake abrasion.

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Obszary zastosowań

  • Vehicle parts such as brakes, carburetors, clutches, injection systems and other engine and transmission parts
  • Machine parts such as roller bearings, springs, guides, tools and equipment

Zalety i korzyści

  • Cleans and degreases quickly and without residue
  • Saves time and costs thanks to high effectiveness and performance

Dane techniczne

  • Gęstość (przy 20°C): 0,67 g/cm³


Spraying the cleaner and leaving it on for a short time before wiping with a cloth. Repeat the application for heavy soiling. Do not spray on hot parts. Rubber, plastic parts and painted surfaces should be tested for compatibility on a non-visible area before use.


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