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OKS 650 Protective oil for woodworking machines

Lubrication of transportation systems in the woodworking sector The right lubricant for wood and machine. In the woodworking industry profiled timbers are cut, planed, drilled and milled. The automatic working requires reliable operating lives and machining times.

Since wood is not a homogeneous material but rather an organic material with variable resin content and density, a lubricant has to compensate for the ambient influences and fulfil several tasks simultaneously.

The wood has to be neutralised, working tables cleaned, moving parts and mechanical equipment lubricated and metal surfaces covered with a protective film. Resulting chips, wood dust and resins may neither clog, smudge machine parts and guides nor lead to corrosion at bare metal parts.

In addition the lubricant may not leave any residues on the wood components to be worked. The wood lubricant must ensure a neutral behaviour and not influence further working processes such as gluing, painting or staining.

OKS 650 Product description

OKS 650 is used as a protective and lubricating oil in mechanical and manual woodworking, in particular at metal surfaces in the timber industry. In addition OKS 650 is furthermore used to lubricate articulations, levers, springs, hinges and similar components due to its selected additives. The synthetic base oil with a temperature application range from −40 to +180 °C is excellently suited for deep temperatures.

OKS 650 Example of use

The range of garden sheds and houses of a large European manufacturer ranges from garden cupboards through carports up to pretty wooden houses with 24 m² floor area. Primarily wooden garden sheds and houses have been produced in Hungary since 1992 in 10 halls covering an area of 5 hectares for the European market, also for example for OBI DIY stores. The individual models are conceived for DIY assembly, the end user only has to assemble the individual components.

This means a high degree of manufacturing quality in the production to allow simple mounting on site.

Cleaning and protection

The oil is transported by means of a central lubricating system in two grooves up to below the running surface at the working table of the woodworking machines used. The wood that is moved by a drive roller lightly touches it so that an even thin film between the working table and wood profile at the oil grooves. The lubricant is thus transported by the workpiece itself, the worked wood, and the oil film is distributed across the entire working table.


  • Woodworking industry
  • sawmill industry
  • timber product industry
  • veneer manufacturers
  • manufacturers of chipboard, plywood or wood fibre boards
  • wood pulp industry
  • timber construction companies
  • timber house construction
  • joineries
  • furniture construction, kitchen construction, carpentry shops, window construction.
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