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OKS 3520 Extreme Temperature Oil

High performance even above 250 °C. The new extreme temperature oil extends relubrication intervals and reduces friction coefficients at high operating temperatures.

OKS 3520 is a fully synthetic, silicone-free extreme temperature lubricant that offers optimum wear protection even under the influence of moisture and humidity and in dusty environments.

The special oil does not tend to deposit cracking residues even at extremely high operating temperatures of up to 280 °C and thus ensures the functional reliability of machine elements even in this temperature range. OKS 3520 is characterized by its very good creep properties that allows penetration deep into the chain inner bearings and thus ensures very effective lubrication.

Thanks to its high oxidation stability OKS 3520 extends the period of use and thus the relubrication intervals compared to conventional extreme temperature lubricants. Its additives suitable for extreme temperatures results in reduced coefficients of friction and thus in energy savings.

  • Fields of application
  • Lubrication of chains, pivoting bearings, wire cables and slideways
  • Clamping and drying frames
  • Conveying systems, painting, stoving, drying and cooling bed installations
  • Hardening furnaces
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