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OKS 480 – Waterproof High-Pressure Grease for Food Processing Technology

Fully synthetic calcium sulphonate complex grease for high loads and pressures at applications in the complete food processing technology.

Areas of application

  • Rolling and friction bearing lubrication, even at high temperatures
  • Lubrication for bearings with contact to cleaning agents or disinfectants
  • For mechanical units such as levers, joints and hinges, also under strong water effect

Advantages and benefits

  • NSF H1 registered (OKS 480 & OKS 481)
  • High shear stability prevents thinning out of the grease under extreme mechanical loads such as during vibrations
  • Excellent wear protection and very good high-pressure properties
  • The calcium sulphonate complex soap ensures excellent water resistance and very good corrosion protection
  • Broad temperature application range (-30°C to +160°C)
  • High temperature and oxidation stability through fully synthetic base oil
  • Very high resistance to water-alkaline or acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Spray version OKS 481
  • MOSH/MOAH-free

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -30 °C → 160 °C
  • NLGI grade: 2
  • DN-factor (dm x n): 400,000 mm/min
  • Base oil viscosity (40 °C): 100 mm²/s
  • Four-ball test rig (welding load): 4,000 N


Clean the surfaces for optimal effect. Before filling for first time, remove anti-corrosion agent. Fill the bearing such that all functional surfaces are certain of being greased. Fill normal bearings up to about 1/3 of the free space inside the bearing. Low-speed bearings (DN value below 50,000) and their housings should be filled completely. The bearing and machine manufacturer's instructions should be observed. Subsequent lubrication at the lubrication nipples by grease gun or by automatic lubrication systems Assess the lubrication frequency and quantity on basis of service conditions. If old grease cannot be removed, restrict the quantity of grease so as to avoid over-lubricating the bearing. If lubrication frequencies tend to be low, you should aim for a full grease change. Only mix with suitable lubricants.

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