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OKS 2811 – Leak Detector, frost-proof

Frost-proof liquid leak detector for the location of leaks in pressurised piping and containers that are made visible by immediate formation of bubbles at leak location.

Areas of application

  • Leak detector high detection sensitivity for pressurised piping and containers, e.g. on compressors, steel bottles, fittings, shut-off valves, breathing devices, oxyacetylene gas and inert-gas arc welding devices, Bunsen burners, valves, screw fittings of compressed-air lines etc.
  • Suitable for compressed air, refrigerant, acetylene, butane, natural gas, carbon dioxide, gaseous oxygen, propane, town gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and, ammonia
  • Suitable for checking the safety of systems with combustible gases and for avoiding financial losses through unrecognized leaks

Advantages and benefits

  • Frost-proof to -15°C
  • Saves energy and warns of gas loss
  • Contains corrosion protection inhibitors
  • Conforms to the DVGW guidelines
  • Non-combustible
  • Economical in use

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -15 °C → up to +50 °C


Spray onto pressurised systems from approx. 30-50 cm distance. A leak is indicated by the formation of foam bubbles. In case of very small leaks observe for some time. After plastic parts have been checked, subsequent flushing with water immediately afterwards is recommended in view of possible stress corrosion cracking.

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