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Lubrication Devices

Solutions for continuous use in industry

OKS Airspray System

The practical spraying system prevents waste and reduces costs. A small investment in environmental protection that already pays off after approx. 10 fillings. Indestructible design for harsh everyday use in workshops and plants. OKS products marked with the Airspray pictogram are suitable for use with the Airspray System.


Lever Grease Gun

Lever Grease Gun

The practical grease gun for reliable, economical application of grease. Thanks to its well thought-out design and rugged construction, it stands up under even the toughest conditions. Available separately or in the Lubricating Set (20 cartridges of OKS 400 or OKS 470 including a lever grease gun).


Adapter set for Reiner lever grease gun

Adapter set for Reiner lever grease gun

The adapter set for the Reiner lever grease gun system for rapid and simple conversion to 400 ml DIN cartridges. Thanks to its simple mounting, all OKS product cartridges can be used with the Reiner lever grease gun without much additional effort or high additional costs. Available as a set with 10 adapters each with threads and cartridge covers, a reducing ring and mounting instructions.




Together with the spray can, the Sprayboy becomes the perfect spraying device. It enables simple, fatigue-free handling and exact, controlled dosing of the spray mist. (Suitable for all OKS standard spray cans with a size of 300 ml or bigger. Do not use together with Airspray can.)


ChronoLube System - Speciality lubricants including automatic relubrication

Chrololube Drive

ChronoLube is the ideal combination of OKS speciality lubricants with an electromechanical lubricator. This enables the automatic supply of lubricating points with oils and greases. In the dosage you require and at the right time - without under- or over-lubrication.

ChronoLubeSimply install the ChronoLube Drive together with the suitable ChronoLube cartridge at the lubricating point and set the dispensing time (in steps from 1 to 12 months) in accordance with your requirements. For detailed information please refer to the ChronoLube operating manual.